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Oven Launch on Vasili’s Garden

oven-launch-nov08-c-0061Remember the wonderful community oven launch from last year, when Ima Forni donated a wood-fired oven to the Merrilands Community Centre, and Vasili from Channel 31 came along to film the event? People cooked bread in the oven, people danced and sang together, there was music and feasting. (Story back here.)

Well now’s your chance to see your friends and colleagues on television! Channel 31 screened the show this week, and it’s being repeated Wednesday 6th May at 7.30pm.

If you don’t get Channel 31 on your television, you can find the video on their website at (Search for “Vasili’s Garden”, and watch the program from 3rd May 09. Could be there for the next 6 weeks.)

It’s a great show, full of interviews with many people in the community, and also featuring Don the amazing horticulture teacher with his students.

Watch and enjoy! Tell your friends.


1 comment to Oven Launch on Vasili’s Garden

  • linda

    l never even heard of the wood fire oven.Are we able to hire it out for functions?birthdays?

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