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Certificate III in Education Support

Posted May 12, 2020

For Anna, completing the Certificate III in Education Support at PRACE has given her a stepping stone to work in the education sector.

“The training has opened a new career for me. Classes were really useful and equipped me with the knowledge I would need at my work placement. The course teaches you about situations that you encounter in real life and I was able to apply them during my work placement” explains Anna.

As a working mother, Anna found the learning environment at PRACE supportive and encouraging.

“The most important thing was that my teacher always supported, encouraged and inspired me. My teacher always gave me support to complete my homework by the due date as she knew I was a parent and worked alongside my studies” she explains.

The course also helped Anna develop her English speaking skills and build her confidence.

“I engaged in class discussions where I could share my experience and viewpoints. When I lacked confidence in using English, my teacher listened to me and encouraged me to speak. I feel more self-confident as my English has improved so much” she says.

Returning to study has provided Anna with far more than just academic skills.

“Studying has taught me valuable knowledge about diversity and people enabling me to become more successful in life when I complete my certificate. Thanks for bringing a new future to my life”.


The Certificate III in Education is now open for enrolment. New class starts on the 29th of May. Find our more or call 9462 6077 to enrol.