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About PRACE Charitable Activities

PRACE (Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education, Inc.) is a registered not-for-profit charitable organisation committed to supporting the people in our community. PRACE has been running educational programs in the Darebin area since 1993.

PRACE works with a number of groups experiencing disadvantage such as youth, young mothers and asylum seekers.

Our fundraising efforts go to increase resourcing of the programs and activities which support these disadvantaged groups, thereby increasing their health and well-being and presenting them with opportunities which might otherwise not be available.

The focus of PRACE’s charitable activities are trifold.

1. Asylum Seeker English Program—offering English language tuition as well as support and assistance with settlement issues

2. Youth VCAL Program—providing students with a supportive and caring environment where they can re-engage with education, society and their community

3. Pathways Support Program— providing support to help students stay within their programs, finish their courses and pathway onto further education or employment opportunities

Some examples of how funds are used:

  • Providing information sessions about essential services to newly arrived migrants
  • Assisting ESL students with learner permits and driver instruction
  • Providing funds to a graduating VCAL student for purchase of tools for their apprenticeship
  • Additional welfare support hours to keep students engaged with school


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