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Community News November 2021

Posted November 3, 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of Community News November 2021. This month the team have put together an issue dedicated to ‘Beyond Covid-19’.

Melbourne is emerging from lockdown and Covid-19 numbers are falling. To mark this important time for our ‘community, the team have put together a beautiful issue that reflects on life during the pandemic and the anticipation of life “beyond Covid-19”.

This month Prace EO, Paddy shared a fantastic story from Prace College.

“I’d like to share with you a great experience we had with our young people at Prace, who developed a “Gratitude Project” in recognition of all the unsung heroes working diligently during COVID.

Matt Goldsworthy, Prace College Youth Services Coordinator, told us about a recent project.

“As students of Prace College, our young people are fortunate to be the recipient of the good will of others. We are acutely aware of this and are aware of the importance of our students giving back to the community.

As a group project during the first and second lockdown the students made fudge and other slices to give out to our frontline workers within the community to say thank you for putting themselves at risk to look after us.

Paddy spoke to Jane about his sister who works at Reservoir Medical Centre and the challenges they’ve faced throughout the pandemic. Jane took this information back to the students and staff to see if we could do anything to say thank you and to let them know how grateful we all are for their service.

The students decided that what they wanted to do was organise a card containing a personal note of thanks to an individual staff member at the medical centre. Some of the students even bought small gifts to pass on as an expression of appreciation.

It was so lovely to see the heartfelt thanks and the genuine gratitude of the students. I delivered the cards and gifts to the unsuspecting medical centre and it was so lovely that our students made them feel appreciated for the wonderful work that they do.”

A big thank you to Matt and the students for this initiative!”

Paddy McVeigh, Prace EO

Read the issue here or click the cover image below. Enjoy!

Cover of Prace Community News November 2021

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