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Connect to employers-Paddljobs.com

PRACE has recently partnered with Paddl to help our students and graduates gain valuable work experience that is aligned with their career goals. This experience will help improve their employability after graduation.

Paddl is a free web app that pushes course-relevant experiences into your personalised Paddl Account.

Benefits of Joining Paddl

Jobs and opportunities tailored to you
Based on your course and location, you’ll be presented with relevant opportunities including full-time, part-time and casual jobs, apprenticeships, traineeships, vocational and work placements, internships and project roles.

Gain knowledge and skills employers value
Paddl looks for employers with unique opportunities suitable for students and graduates. Over the duration of your course, Paddl helps you gain valuable industry insights, workplace skills and real-world experiences.

Simple and super fast application process
Applying for opportunities via your Paddl Account is as simple as answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Connect with employers wherever you are
You can take Paddl anywhere in Australia (and soon, globally). Simply change your location settings and find opportunities nearby.
Paddl is free for students and graduates.

To get notified when jobs and opportunities in your field are listed on Paddl, create a FREE Paddl Account now.

For more information on what Paddl is, how it works and the benefits of joining, download  Student Guide to Paddl.

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