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Connecting With Industry

Posted November 25, 2020

Never doubt the power of direct contact between students and industry professionals.

While studying for a Certificate III in Education Support at Prace, students have the opportunity to meet with a range of professionals in the field. This includes school staff, specialists and employment agents. It’s a vital part of the curriculum and we’ll let our students tell you why – here’s what they had to say when they met Daniel Maloney from the Jacana School for Autism.

“Daniel clearly explained the main responsibilities and challenges an education support member has to take up when working in a special school, giving us lots of examples and opportunities to ask questions which made the session enjoyable and very useful.”

“We were provided with valuable information that covered plenty of key topics that will help with our assessments and future work-placement.”

“It gave me a great insight on what it would be like to work in a special needs school. Daniel has expressed how rewarding it is supporting Autistic students as well as being open minded and to be able to see life through their lenses. Daniel provided a further and deeper understanding of how their school runs, and the benefits of working with those students both in giving and receiving.”

Special thanks to Daniel and the Jacana School for Autism for taking the time to share his knowledge with the class.

Zoom screenshot of the Education Support class during an incursion with Jacana School for Autism

Are you interested in becoming an education support worker? Our next intake for the Certificate III in Education Support is February 2021. For more information call 94626077.