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Excursion to Poynton Nursery

Posted March 17, 2017

The CSWE Level 4 class visited Poynton’s Nursery in Essendon last week. This class has recently taken responsibility for the garden at PRACE and as part of their class work they have been researching edible plants, exotic weeds which are used by people for medicinal purposes and vegetables. The students spent a couple of hours looking at plants, they especially liked the Kitchen Garden section of the Nursery. Reading the plant labels was terrific for extending their language skills and the students took lots of notes along the way. One student, Mina was a risk taker ( another topic covered recently in class) she drank a Tumeric flavoured latte.
We came home with some different varieties of mint and a handful of very sour crab apples and the expression ” so sour it sets my teeth on edge” ringing in our ears!