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Fun in CSWE 1

Posted May 1, 2017

The CSWE 1 class at Merrilands are working towards achieving Module B Giving Personal Information and Module E Comprehending and participating in short conversations.

Students enjoyed the chance to be someone else for a short time in class last week. Their teacher provided them with a selection of hats, exotic masks and props and asked them to look at the map of the world and think of who might wear that item of clothing and to consider what language that person might speak and what activities they might enjoy doing.

The students really showed their acting skills and took on their roles enthusiastically coming up with an assortment of nationalities and imagined hobbies and exercise regimes.

Cuc Vo our wonderful volunteer who has completed CSWE 4 was most helpful; she also joined in the fun and adopted a persona.

The students had fun practising their language skills and these photos were then used as a prompt the next day for them to do another speaking activity, a simple recount.