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Meet Kylie

Posted February 15, 2023

Coffee talk with one of our barista course students, Kylie

Kylie working at The Duck Inn Cafe in Broadford.

Barista courses are some of our most popular and Kylie is one of our many students who have learnt how to make a perfect coffee and create latte art.

“The barista course came to me at the perfect time. A friend of mine was starting a cafe and needed staff, and then Prace’s barista course came up in a Facebook community group.”

“I thought the course was the perfect opportunity to gain some skills with coffee and help my friend out.”

Kylie spoke to the benefit of a more involved barista course, “Instead of doing a short course I was able to get a lot more in-depth with the coffee making process. A friend of mine did a one day barista course, but she said she just learnt how to use a machine and make coffee, she didn’t have time to understand what makes a good coffee.”

“I really enjoyed practising the latte art as well. It’s a real skill that takes time to hone, and doing a more involved course meant I had more time to practise.”

Kylie also spoke about working with our resident barista teacher, Stephanie. “Stephanie was brilliant. She’s been making coffee for 20 years, and is very approachable.”

“To anyone looking to do barista training it is worth doing a longer class where you can get more practice and get a better understanding of how to make coffee. I got along with Stephanie really well, which made learning much easier.”

Kylie now works at the Duck Inn Cafe in Broadford where she will make up to 120 coffees in a day! “I enjoy my job and having people come up to me and say what a great coffee I made from them. It really makes me feel like I chose the right career”.

Are you interested in learning barista skills? Join our next Barista & Cafe Operations course.