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Language Lesson from EAL B Students

Posted December 18, 2018

Can you imagine walking into a classroom where the only language spoken is totally unfamiliar? The teacher can’t speak your language and the alphabet is completely different from the one you know…

…welcome to an English as an Additional Language class!

Last week, after a year of hard work in the Course in EAL (B) class, the tables turned and it was time for revenge! Teacher Marina became the student and the students became her teacher…

EAL students, Delia from Italy, Van from Vietnam and Xiao Hui from China were given the almighty whiteboard marker to teach useful words and phrases from Italian, Vietnamese and Mandarin. Even our wonderful volunteer Dalmara from Cuba got in on the action and taught us Spanish.

We commend Marina on this terrifically innovative way to shine the light on the skills, talents and abilities of our wonderful students!