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Literacy & Numeracy Training

Posted December 7, 2020

Two students sitting in class with their teacher.

Prace has a long history of delivering adult literacy and numeracy courses. To stay at the forefront of teaching practice, our educators are involved in ongoing professional development and training.

The Adult Literacy and Numeracy Practitioners Program (ALNPP) is a professional development program for pre-accredited educators keen to build their knowledge and capability in adult literacy and numeracy delivery.

At it’s core, the program provide a self-contained, literacy and numeracy professional development program that may be delivered by trained Learn Local practitioners to their peers.

Prace was selected as one of 17 Learn Local providers across the state to roll out this training in 2020. Prace literacy and numeracy educator Rohan completed the program. And, he then went on to deliver the program to other Learn Local educators including Irina, a member of the Prace teaching team.

We asked Rohan to tell us how the program works.

“The program takes participants through all the prominent learning theories and approaches over 6 weeks. We had 4-6 hours of reading each week and attended webinars with experts in the field. We also had to share our ideas each week and a Community Learning Portal was used to interact with the other participant.”

Rohan describes the program as an opportunity to reflect on his teaching.

“It probably hasn’t had a major shift in how I teach. PD rarely does this. But I think it made subtle shifts and gave me an opportunity to reflect and improve on my teaching practice and also be aware of the major learning theories in Adult Literacy” he explains.

With two educations having completed ALNPP we are sure both our students and teaching team will benefit from the experience.

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