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Lovely Parting Gift

Posted December 5, 2017

As you may know,  many of our English language students here at PRACE travel overseas for work and family commitments. One of our students Xinxia Lv is doing just that. 

Xinxia Lv comes from China where she taught accounting to university students. She is an AMEP student currently learning English in our Preliminary English class where she is a wonderful student who tries hard to improve her English and is very helpful towards her classmates. Unfortunately, she needs to return to China for a few months due to commitments to her university.

As a farewell gift she presented her teacher, Assunta, with a very beautiful mosaic piece which she created. The mosaic contains hundreds of tiny pieces she managed to patiently glue together according to a number system. It took Xinxia  just under a fortnight to complete and while the piece is very beautiful, it is even more amazing when seen from afar, as it is a 3D image.

We wish Xinxia well and we can’t wait for her to return to class next year.