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Maria’s Learning Journey

Posted August 17, 2017

At PRACE we are fortunate to teach students from all walks of life and backgrounds and be part of their learning journeys, witnessing their skills and life opportunities grow.  We hope you enjoy Maria’s story as much as we enjoyed having her as a student.

Maria with PRACE EAL Teacher Yvonne

Maria is from Athens, Greece.  She is married with 2 children and her husband was originally born in Melbourne. She arrived in Australia with her family in 2015 for a new start and more opportunity for her and her family.

Before leaving Greece, Maria worked for 15 years in a supermarket. She then undertook a Beauty Therapy Certificate in Greece and worked for 5 years as a beauty therapist.

On arriving in Australia Maria registered with the AMEP programme and began English classes in level 1 at PRACE. From the outset Maria has been a committed and conscientious English student, quickly making great connections with her classmates. She completed CSWE 1 and graduated to CSWE 2.

When she had used all her 510 AMEP hours, she still felt she needed to improve her English even more to be ready to apply for jobs. So she went to Centrelink and discovered she was eligible for the SEE programme. In her usual style she continued working hard at her English studies making steady progress.

This year Maria has found a job as a school crossing attendant. She loves the job and gets to speak English with many people. She is also working 3 days in a bistro in Bundoora, who are training her at the same time. She is very pleased with her achievements and she has so much to be proud of. Added to this, she has 2 children, who love their school and life in Australia.

Maria loved her teachers at PRACE and misses all the friends she made, so she drops in to see them when she can.

Maria is a fine example of someone who has greatly benefitted from the AMEP and SEE programmes offered by the Australian government. She took these wonderful opportunities and got as much out of them as she could, resulting in a job and a great sense of confidence and personal achievement.

We at PRACE are all very proud of her and very happy for her success.