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Meet Carolyn

Posted February 29, 2024

Meet Carolyn, Prace’s Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, who joined the team in October 2023. Carolyn says her role is very dynamic, involving a diverse range of tasks from
meeting stakeholders and exploring potential projects to promoting courses and organising

“Every day in this job is different,” she says. “I work in collaboration with Cecille Paulo, our other Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, as liaison between Prace and its various stakeholders.”

Carolyn’s focus is primarily on the Darebin area where she is in frequent contact with the Registered Training Organisations and community organisations such as the Bridge Neighbourhood House.

“Our roles include attending career expos and local government events as well as building the engagement with current staff and students. Recently we orchestrated the celebrations for Lunar New Year and it was very successful.”

Carolyn’s role also includes brainstorming innovative ways to market and promote Prace’s initiatives externally.

“Whether I’m pitching our courses at Preston Market or connecting with parents at schools and playgroups, I always get a positive response when people see which organisation I represent. Prace has such an excellent reputation, I’m very proud to be the Face of Prace,” she says with a laugh.

Carolyn had worked in partnership with Prace in her previous roles at Olivine and Community Hubs Australia and her admiration for Prace led her take up the position here. In addition to her stakeholder coordination responsibilities, Carolyn oversees a team of about seven volunteers. She says her door is always open to anyone interested in volunteering.

“We also offer training and support to our volunteers, so it’s a great opportunity to get involved and develop skills and experience.”

When she isn’t promoting Prace, Carolyn’s hobby is the Japanese art of Ikebana – an intricate style of flower arranging. Ikebana roughly translates to “making flowers come alive” and aims to convey a specific feeling or emotion to the observer – just like a painting or sculpture might.

“The three basic elements of Ikebana are silence, minimalism and shape. It’s a very mindful practice – the perfect way to unwind after a busy day,” says Carolyn.

If you would like to discuss our volunteer program or to register your interest in becoming a volunteer at Prace, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator on 9462 6077 or email volunteers@prace.vic.edu.au