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Prace Stories: Meet Rawant!

Posted October 19, 2021

Rajwant came to Prace at the beginning of 2021 to build her skills and meet her goal of finding employment in a community services role. She is now studying four different courses: Work Directions, Focus on Employment, English Conversation (Donnybrook) and English Conversation (Mernda). Today she shares her learning journey so far.

Rajwant is building skills to help her find employment in the community services sector.

My teacher in the employment-oriented courses is Jeanne. These are excellent courses and Jeanne has taught us many practical skills. We have worked on creating resumes, writing cover letters and preparing for job interviews. I’ve learned a lot already and I have been able to apply what I have learned because now I am actively looking for work. I hope to eventually work in community services.

When I enrolled in English Conversation it was going to be taught at Donnybrook, which is about a 20-minute drive from my home, but now of course it is running online. Our teacher is Enzo and he is very good. He’s a thoughtful teacher and he really makes the topics interesting.  Every student has different ways of learning and we are at different levels with English, but Enzo engages us all. He puts a lot of thought into how he presents his material to make the lessons interesting.

 He gives us comprehension exercises and tells us different stories each day. Sometimes we study the news and Enzo teaches us the vocabulary and pronunciation we need to be able to discuss the news stories.

Every student has a different way of learning and we are at different stages, but Enzo has an amazing ability to communicate with each student to help us learn in the way that suits us best. He doesn’t rush us, so if we are studying a particular paragraph, he makes sure everyone understands the whole paragraph before he moves on. He’s very patient and encouraging and this makes us more confident.

I am also attending the English Conversation class run by Prace at Mernda Community House, although this course is also running online now. Irina Giles is my teacher. She teaches us comprehension and tells us about vocabulary and pronunciation. Nowadays she asks each student to prepare a topic and speak about it in class. She is a really very good teacher and I enjoy this class too.

I think anyone who wants to improve their English conversation, especially people who live near Donnybrook or Mernda, should take one of these classes.

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