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Nexus and Reconnect Partnership

Posted August 25, 2022

Representing the nexus and reconnect partnership - a man and woman are sitting casually in front of a window. They are facing each other and smiling.

Prace is pleased to announce the formation of a working partnership between our Reconnect team and Nexus Primary Health. Nexus is one of the largest providers of health and community services in the region, providing a comprehensive range of services to support people to live well in their communities. The partnership will provide eligible Nexus clients with Reconnect case management guidance and tools – helping them to move forward in their lives and careers.

Nexus brings a shared understanding of our clients needs and goals as they transition to work or study. Nick, a case worker with Nexus, works closely with the Reconnect team. Many of his clients lack the confidence and knowledge to achieve their desired career or gain employment.

“The partnership with Reconnect provides our clients with the necessary support and encouragement to help them achieve their goals” he said.

And the partnership works both ways as Adriana, our Reconnect Manager tells us.

“Through the partnership we are able to refer our existing Reconnect clients into services run through Nexus, including health and mental health programs”.

Reconnect works to assess the client’s needs and create a pathway plan into study or work. If required they can be connected to other support services along the way. For their clients, Nick and Adriana have both witnessed the tangible impact the partnership has had on client outcomes.

“Seeing people (who have often needed to overcome significant hurdles in life) move forward in some way. For some, it might be a small step forward, such as undertaking a virtual cooking class. For others, it has been life-changing. Some have been able to realise their dream of moving into a particular career path, one that they never thought was possible. Another obtained their driver’s licence, which is especially significant when living in regional areas. Being a part of their journey post-recovery from mental health issues or a range of other challenges is inspiring and a privilege” Adriana tells us.

We look forward to a long partnership, working together to support our clients to move forward in their careers and lives more generally.

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