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Our Graduates: Kylie’s Story

Posted September 22, 2023

To celebrate our 30th birthday we are talking to past and present students about how Prace has helped redirect their careers and lives.

This is Kylie’s story. Kylie studied and completed the Certificate III in Education Support with Prace in 2014.

A quirk of fate led Kylie to a rewarding change of career thanks to a Prace marketing flyer.

“I was walking through the City of Darebin council building feeling pretty burnt out by my job at the time,” said Kylie. “Suddenly I saw a Prace flyer on the noticeboard advertising the Certificate III in Education Support. When I read it, I felt that it was meant to be!”

And so, she signed up to take the course.

The chance to work in education and help young people appealed to Kylie and, as a youth worker in the Department of Justice’s residential youth centres, she already had plenty of experience and knowledge under her belt.

“I really like working with young people, but the justice system can be pretty grim and I felt like I needed a change.

“I’m a writer, a musician and an avid reader, so the concept of education support really appealed to me.

“The program at Prace was just what I needed to recharge my batteries. I enjoyed doing the coursework with fellow students, making new friends and getting great support from staff, especially our teacher, Margaret,” said Kylie.

After graduating in 2014, Kylie took on the position of Integration Aide at John Fawkner College. After she’d been working at the college for 18 months Kylie successfully applied for a Literacy Support position. The college later introduced the QuickSmart Literacy program with Kylie appointed as the instructor.

QuickSmart Literacy is an intervention program aimed at middle-school students.

“In this program I have about 20 students,” said Kylie. “We work on their reading fluency, comprehension and spelling. One advantage is that rather than trying to help struggling students against the background of a busy, noisy classroom, I have my own room where we get peace and quiet and work in a very relaxed atmosphere.

“What’s best about my job is that in the beginning when the kids first come to me their skills are very low, but by the end of the year the children have really developed their skills and confidence. They want to be at school and they’re enjoying reading. That gives me a huge sense of satisfaction,” said Kylie.

Find out more about our Certificate III in School Based Education Support course and embark on a new career today!