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PageTurners App Project with La Trobe Uni

Posted March 22, 2019

On Wednesday PRACE officially kicked-off a wonderful collaborative project with La Trobe University‘s computer science department.

Over the next year we will be working with a passionate group of students as they complete their capstone project and bring our PageTurners publications into the digital world via the development of an app!

Meet the five terrific teams of students that will be focused on creating an app that we hope will delight EAL students and teachers in the not too distant future!


EAL teachers and PageTurners authors attended a Q&A with La Trobe computer science students. This is the ‘discovery’ phase of this project where students get the opportunity to learn more about the PageTurners publication and ask questions that will inform the design process.


Meet Team Fantastic…one of the great groups of students that will be working on bringing our this app to life!


…and Team Warrior!


Team Prism Solution


Team Incredible


Team K


Assunta, Marina, Anne and Chris shared their experiences as EAL educators and the history of the PageTurners publication.


Anne Dunn has been writing PageTurners books for many years and reflected upon the resource gap that exists in the EAL and adult literacy context and how these fun books cleverly seek to address this issue.


La Trobe students explore a range of EAL/adult literacy apps that are currently used by PRACE teachers.