PageTurners Reading Levels: There are four different levels [and one “extended”]. All four levels are more accessible to beginners than most of the commercially available reading books. Note: The PageTurners levels are not related to CGEA levels, or any other kind of officially recognised levels.


Level 1, Yellow Cover

Approx 100 words in length, 12-16 pages, up to 60 unique words.


Level 2, Red cover

100-200 words in length, 16-20 pages, up to 150 unique words.


Level 3, Blue Cover

200-300 words in length, 16-20 pages, approx. 200 unique words.


Level 4, Green Cover

400-600 words in length, 20-24 pages, approx. 300 unique words.


Level 4 extended, Light Green Cover

Longer stories, but with a unique word count of 300 words.