Extra downloads

Here are some Free Worksheets for teachers to download and use in class. Photocopy as many as you like but don’t sell them or claim them as your own. Thanks.

(If you and your students feel confident with computers, you can even use the worksheets on the screen .. then each student can save their work onto a disk.)

(Word documents below. You’ll need access to a word processor that reads microsoft word format, eg microsoft word, Open Office, google docs.)

Level 1:

The Weekend

The Weekend – extra activities – > download (47kb)

Not Any More

Teachers at Melbourne Poly created this set of activities for the book, and graciously allowed us to share it here with you (pdf doc, 200kb)

The Duck

1. Spelling patterns: ‘ck’ -> download (20k)

2. Writing sentences with pictures -> download (433k)

3. Story building -> download (20k)

4. Talk about cooking -> download (20k)

Level 2:

Too Many Marias

1. Put sentences in order -> download (20k)

2. Write about feelings -> download (20k)

3. Read information from a table -> download (23k)

4. Talk about feelings and preparing a barbecue -> download (20k)

The Stud

1. Spelling -> download (20k)

2. Correct mistakes -> download (20k)

3. Opinions – understand & write -> download (20k)

4. Sort into groups -> download (24k)

5. Broken Sentences -> download (21k)

Dance Class

1. The Dance Class (dialogue activity) -> download (320k)

Level 3:

Spare Parts

1. Fill in the Gaps, and Spelling -> download (22k)

2. Parts of the car – label and write -> download (35k)

3. Buy a car – read a used car ad -> download (20k)


1. True or False? and Past tense -> download (21k)

2. Words and Meanings -> download (25k)

3. Convict Stories: fill in a table, and read from a table -> download (25k)

4. Discussion, and internet search -> download (20k)


Level 4:

Marry Me

    1. Bonus Classroom Exercises -> download