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Pop-up iPad Class

Posted August 20, 2018

Last week we visited our wonderful friends at Little Sisters of the Poor / St Joseph’s Home to deliver a ‘pop-up’ iPad class to a small group of residents.

In many cases, the older people we reach through these ‘pop-ups’ have had little opportunity to explore the social, economic and recreational benefits that technology can offer. Often the obvious ‘generational barrier’ is further reinforced by factors such as economic disadvantage, limited or negative experiences with education, lower literacy levels or age-related cognitive and physical decline.

PRACE presents classes to older audiences that take these factors into account.

We endeavour to ignite a sense of wonder in all that technology has to offer by finding common ground, making learning accessible and identifying and affirming the existing skills and accomplishments of older people.

If you would like to learn more about our digital ‘pop-up’ sessions or longer courses for older people, please contact Anna Morgan on (03) 9462 6077.