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PRACE: Getting Greener in 2020

Posted February 9, 2020

As you walk around PRACE this year, you’ll notice one very important difference – we have significantly reduced the number of bins at Merrilands Community Centre by introducing a new, centralised ‘waste hub’ system. 

In November 2019 our Sustainability Committee undertook a week long audit of our waste. During this process we discovered something shocking – we had over 50 bins in use at Merrilands and in most cases, the contents of these bins went directly into landfill.

What to do? The team discovered that the bins contained very little actual ‘landfill’ (non-recyclable, non-organic waste) and a new system was developed.

The waste hub has separate bins for: mixed recyclables, paper, soft plastic, landfill and organic waste. This is our most significant step towards improving our environmental impact at PRACE and the bins are already making a big impact on the amount of waste we send to landfill.

The waste hub is part of our ‘Sustaining Change‘ project, an initiative made possible by the support of the City of Darebin.