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Starting English Classes

Posted March 24, 2021

Initial EAL teacher Assunta with a student in the classroom

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to join an English class when you could not speak a word? Students are understandably nervous about commencing school in a foreign language and having to meet new people in an unfamiliar environment. So how do we support our newest students in the Initial EAL course?

Before starting at Prace, all prospective students are assessed to ascertain the correct class level for them. Anyone who is placed in the Initial class will be invited to meet their new teacher Assunta. This opportunity to meet the teacher, their new classmates and experiencing the classroom environment can really help alleviate the anxiety of starting a new class.

Assunta is trained to teach EAL at a low level and takes her students on the “language learning journey” slowly. Each day revising and reinforcing what we taught the day before, gradually building up the student’s skills and confidence. Just because someone can’t speak English doesn’t mean they can’t understand. It’s how we communicate the ideas that determines whether they will or won’t understand what is being taught to them.

Assunta finds that many new students in her class have very protective older children who accompany their parents on the first day. They tell me “But my mother doesn’t speak any English.” And I reply “I know. that’s why she is in my class”.

If you would like to find out more about our EAL classes, call and have a chat to one of our friendly office staff on 9462 6077.