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VCAL Pathways

Posted December 22, 2020

VCAL student pathways.

Have you ever wondered where VCAL can take its learners? VCAL pathways are many and varied, it’s all up to the individual – there really is no limit to the pathway you might eventually take. Be it University, TAFE, employment, traineeships or apprenticeships.

At Prace College, we expose our students to a variety of industries through work placements, projects, career quizzes, Real Industry Job Interviews (RIJI) and trade tasters. It’s a real team effort when it comes to supporting and encouraging students with their pathways.

Student support is achieved through informal conversations with the student about current hobbies, past interests and future dreams. And, our teachers also play a role in helping to guide students in deciding on potential pathways when they leave PRACE College.

Teachers know the strengths of the students better than anyone, this allows them to encourage and develop skills that they might need when they are ready to pathway – by giving them a greater understanding of what they’re naturally good at.

Over time, student insights are collated in a Career Action Plan – a roadmap for the student to follow as they start looking towards a future career.

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