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The Age Schools Summit

Posted May 27, 2021

In late 2020, the Victorian government announced a plan to merge VCAL and VCE by 2023. A significant change that will directly impact the delivery of senior secondary education at Prace College.

Jane Davey Speaking at The Age Schools Summit
Jane Davey at The Age Schools Summit

Jane Davey, our Prace College Assistant Principal, recently attended The Age Schools Summit as a panellist to address the impacts of the merger. The panel addressed how the VCAL and VCE merger will work in practise and how schools can prepare. 

Jane has been involved with the development of the VCAL program since its inception and being on the panel provided a prominent platform to advocate for student cohorts like those at Prace College. Jane summed up her argument for us.

“We need to ensure that every student, regardless of background, has the opportunity to get the very best education and complete their senior secondary education the way they need to complete it, not the way we want them to complete it. So that every student has the possibility of a positive and successful life” she says.

The full panel at The Age Schools Summit
The Full Panel at The Age Schools Summer

Jane will continue to advocate for all students in an advisory capacity as the structure of these changes are finalised.