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Walking from Vienna to Milan

Posted November 4, 2019

Walktober 2019 is now over for another year at PRACE and what a month it has been!

During this ambitious month-long campaign, our community of students, volunteers and staff successfully accomplished our goal of completing our own version of the 700 km European Peace Walk.

Having met this goal by Day 23, we then continued our adventure across northern Italy and finished Walktober in Milan!

Congratulations to all of our PRACE students, volunteers and staff walkers on a wonderful month and such a terrific achievement.

2019 PRACE Walktober European Peace Walk 

Total distance travelled: 1,138 km
Average distance travelled per day: 36.7 km
Countries visited: 6
PRACE staff walkers: 18
PRACE student walkers: 46
PRACE volunteer walkers: 6
Total time spent walking (approx): 2,400 hours or 100 days


What an amazing effort!! Well done!