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Meet Margaret – Carpentry Trade Taster class graduate!

Posted October 12, 2022

Margaret's raised planted bed shown inside our work shed.

It caught our attention when Margaret enrolled in our Carpentry Trade Taster class. Margaret is an older woman who had never touched a power tool before, so we decided to get in touch and find out why she enrolled in our Carpentry Trade Taster class. 

I actually came to Prace looking for a class on how to use my iPhone. Nothing like that was on offer at the time so I figured I might as well enrol in something.”

“I thought if I enrolled in carpentry I could do more things myself and not have to get handymen over all the time.”

Whilst it was an unexpected way to end up in our Carpentry Trade Taster class, Margaret was glad she enrolled. “I thought the course was excellent. George is a great teacher. He took into consideration that I was an older learner with no experience with carpentry.”

“I had never handled a jigsaw, a drill, or circular saw before. George reassured me they were safe to use and showed me the right way to use them.”

Margaret is proud of her skills from the Carpentry Trade Taster class. “I feel a lot more confident about taking on projects around the house now. I wanted to put up a mirror that was too heavy for just a nail in the wall. I was able to use my new found carpentry skills to set it up myself.”

The next step for Margaret now is to learn more carpentry. “I made a planter I was really proud of. So I’ve enrolled in the next level carpentry class so I can keep growing my skills.”

“I hadn’t been in a classroom for many years and I found it very easy to get back into that type of learning environment. George made it easy to get back into the headspace of learning again.”

“Prace were very accommodating for me, acknowledging I’m an older learner taking on something new. Anyone looking to get back into learning should just give it a go.”

You can check out our carpentry courses here. Otherwise, you can get in touch with us on 9462 6077 to find the class right for you.