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Have you got unpaid fines? You might be eligible for the Work and Development Permit scheme.

The Work and Development Permit Scheme (WDP) provides a non-financial way for people to clear their unpaid fines, with the support of a sponsor organisation.

Prace is an accredited sponsor under the WDP. By undertaking a program or course at Prace, your attendance could be assisting you to REDUCE OR clear your fine DEBT (course fees and other eligibility criteria apply).

The WDP is an initiative of the Department of Justice and Community Safety.



Work and Development Permit Scheme (WDP)

How it works

The Work and Development Permit Scheme (WDP) is for people who have unpaid fine debt, and are unable to pay their fines. Once your application for a WDP is approved by Fines Victoria, any study you undertake at Prace from that point on can contribute towards paying off your fine debt. A fine can be included in a WDP if it is an outstanding infringement, that is not under review. Multiple fines can be included on a WDP.

Fines that are not eligible for a WDP are court fines, Sheriff notices, or fines where a 7 day notice has been served.

Courses or activity that you cannot undertake as part of a WDP are:

  • mutual obligation activities required for the purposes of Centrelink benefits
  • attendance at school during normal school hours for children of compulsory school age
  • activities that are ordered by a court.


Work-off rate

Every WDP activity has a work off rate. This is the rate at which participation in activities will determine the amount the fine debt is reduced. Through your attendance in your course or activity, you can pay your fine debt at a rate of $54.52* per hour of course/activity attendance.


*Current work-off rate as at July 1st 2021



Eligibility criteria

You must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible for the WDP.*

  • are experiencing acute financial hardship (including being on a Centrelink payment)
  • have an addiction to drugs, alcohol or other volatile substance
  • are experiencing homelessness
  • are experiencing family violence
  • have a mental disability, disorder or illness
  • have an intellectual disability, disorder or illness.

*Evidence will be required which demonstrates how you meet the eligibility criteria



To maintain your WDP arrangement, you must:

  • remain enrolled in your course or activity
  • attend your course or activity a minimum of once per month (data is reported to Fines Victoria monthly, and activity must have occurred in that time)
  • after 28 days of no attendance at your WDP activity, Fines Victoria will cancel the WDP and you must then continue to pay the fine.



Prace course fees are as advertised and are payable by the student.

The WDP is a FREE service.


For more information

Contact Prace on 9462 6077