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Staff Meeting with a Lesson in Robotics

Posted September 24, 2018

Last week PRACE staff got together for a fun and social all-staff meeting.

During this event, PRACE managers, Paddy McVeigh and Libby Barker, reflected upon the many accomplishments our organisation has achieved over the school term. The PRACE mural is now complete, VCAL has gone from strength to strength with their social enterprise and our organisation continues to be active in responding to changing needs of the local population and trends in employment and training.

This meeting was co-facilitated by our talented VCAL Program Coordinator, David Stillwell, who facilitated a Lego Robotics workshop. This activity involved building a small robot in pairs and then carrying out some basic programming. PRACE staff revelled in this delightful activity as they tinkered collaboratively and then proudly brought their mini machines to life in a robot race!

This playful introduction to robotics was embraced by our staff and a great way to end the school term. We kindly thank David for facilitating this very clever session!