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Victoria Police at Prace

Posted April 6, 2022

Victoria Police were the latest organisation to Visit the English as an Additional Students at Prace.

Victoria Police presenting to Prace students
Victoria Police presenting to Prace learners.

Incursions and excursions are just one of the many ways our English classes are customised to the needs of our students – empowering our students to understand and engage with their local community and Australian culture.

Recently our EAL Level 3 classes received a visit from Victoria Police. Leading Senior Constable Peta Williams, Youth Resources Officer Andrea and Community Liaison Officer Ms Ansam Sadik gave our learners an introduction to the role Victoria Police play and their rights and responsibilities.

Here’s what our student Zara Babaee had to share about the visit.

“At first sight it felt a little bit fearful for me to see the Police because of what comes to mind whenever there are police – a crime has probably been committed. But when they started to talk, I felt more comfortable. They were so nice and gentle, although assertive.They talked about the rights and responsibilities of the police. We got some useful information about their job which is essential to know in our everyday life. Two things that surprised me was that it is not necessary to carry a driver’s licence with you if you are over 26 years of age and have a full licence. Likewise, police can enter your house without a search warrant in some cases, for example to stop domestic violence.”

Thanks for sharing Zara!

Prace students watching a presentation from Victoria Police

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